Jeremiah weeps

Jeremiah is in pain. God has given him information that reveals the depth of Israel’s sins along with the depths of God’s pending wrath. He sees the storm brewing on the horizon and is told to warn God’s people, but they will not listen.

As he weeps, he gives us insight into the stirring that is going on in his heart. Jeremiah 4:19…

“My heart, my heart — I writhe in pain!

My heart pounds within me! I cannot be still.”

The prophet is anxious. Weeping over the situation. Unable to sit still, his emotions are are heightened, his heart is aching.

Pilgrims know these moments. They come in life and hit us hard. So hard, that sometimes our hearts ache so much, are weeping is so hard, that we cannot function.

In times like these, there seems to be nothing that is certain in life anymore. So much confusion. So much change. So much grief and heartache. It’s unbearable. Seems so hopeless.

Is there an anchor? Is there a place to go that relieves the anguish deep in our souls?

The only place where we can turn is to Yahweh. God knows everything. He is eternal. He knows the end from the beginning. Our hearts ache because our eyes are dimmed by, well, not being God. We do not know what is around the corner, other than knowing that God is already victorious. Wait, but isn’t that enough for me to know? It is, yet I still struggle.

Jeremiah did not speak his warnings of prophecy without being given at least a glimpse of the future. Verse 18 of chapter 5 is enough of a glimmer of hope that keeps him going.

“Yet even in those days I will not blot you out completely…”

Expositor’s Bible Commentary (Jeremiah) says this: “God’s punishments are not vindictive but are meant to be restorative of the sinner. God must, and does, preserve a remnant according to his pledged word.”

God is always at work. To restore. Preserve. Renew.

That is more than just a glimmer of hope. More than just some light at the end of the tunnel. More than the sun breaking through the storm clouds. It is a full out promise that gives meaning and definition to all pain and suffering. Yahweh is at work, and his work is always perfect and will be perfected by his power, for his glory.

The next storm is probably already brewing. God is gathering up beforehand, enough mercy meet us in those dark clouds. And yes, there is a day coming, a day of renewal, a day of perseverance, a day of restoration. God is mighty enough to change me through the changing circumstances that I find myself in. He changes all things, yet does not change himself.

Lord, grant me eyes to see you even in the darkest of days, the bleakest of moments, the most painful of sufferings. You are there, I just don’t see you. Help me!

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