Highs and Lows in Matthew 17

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Matthew 17 has some mountain tops and valleys…the disciples were in both.

After witnessing the transfiguration, Peter, James, and John must have felt like they were on top of the world. I cannot even imagine the event, but it would seem that this was something so unbelievable that they must have been busting at the seams to tell everyone what they just saw.

Yet Jesus tells them to tell no one until after the Son of Man has risen from the dead (17:9).

Talk about keeping a secret. The inner circle of Jesus kept a tight lip. That must have been so hard because this mountain top experience would have been the story of all stories to tell others. A story that would only be told later, after the resurrection, and now of course recorded for all of us to read.

Then, for the second time, Jesus tells them that the Son of man will be delivered to men, they will kill him, and he will be raised on the third day (17:22-23)…

“and they were deeply grieved.”

The valley of realizing the loss of the one that they have been following. The confusion that entered their world to know that the messiah, the promised one, would be killed — by men??

They were right to be deeply grieved.

The highs and lows for God’s people. Some are in the valleys longer than others. Some seem to be enjoying more than their fair share of mountain top experiences. Both are guided and directed by God, given out in perfect portions from a perfectly knowledgable God who knows the end and is committed to bringing about that end in anyway he chooses.

There will be highs. There are lows.

God, help me in both!

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