You did that for me?

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Thoughts as I read through the Exodus story…

You did that for me?

He is so hard hearted.
What will it take to break him?

He defies the God of all power.
Will he ever see the truth?

He refuses every request brought by Moses.
How will he ever know God’s glory?

Plague after plague.
Why doesn’t he bend the knee?

He says he will let us go.
Why does he deceive an all-knowing God?

God’s wrath is stirring.
What will make Pharaoh tremble?

He is so hard hearted.
Where is the fear of the Lord?

That day finally came.
Were we really free?

They chased behind.
Has he changed his mind again?

Moses lifts his hands over the sea.
Will they finally see and know Yahweh?

Swept away.
Is every last one swept away?

They are all gone.
How will they see God’s glory?

Yet God’s people witnessed it all.
Did you do all of that for me?

“Israel saw the great power that the Lord used against the Egyptians, so the people feared the Lord, and they believed in the Lord and in his servant Moses.” (Exodus 14:31)

One comment

  1. What magnificent, incomprehensible love. How long I was like pharaoh? Testing grace, daring God, covered in the blindness of death. Yes, He did all that for me, and I think the angels must stand in awe and wonder, having never known, never experienced this aspect of God’s glory. Oh they’ve seen His power, stood in His light, observed His infinite wisdom. But infinite love, until man, until sin, until the Word became flesh, flesh crucified, infinite love they had never seen. All this He did for this race called Adam, whom the Almighty created to bare His image.


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