When I am weak

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The poem below is not mine, but it sure seems like deep words that God also stirs up in me….

“Weak” Paul David Tripp, “My Heart Cries Out: Gospel Meditations for Everyday Life”


Today I am very weak —

Weak body,

Weak heart,

Lacking ability,

Devoid of resolve,

Little anticipation,

Waves of discouragement,

Whispers of fear,

Dreading a sleepless night,

Expecting the pain of the morning,

Wishing to run,

Nowhere to hide,

Feeling sentenced to what I cannot survive.


Wondering, “How long?”

Questions —

No answers,

But I have come to understand

That my weakness is a grace,

That hopelessness is not a prison.

Hopelessness is a doorway.

There is no shame in weakness.


I was created weak,

Designed to be dependent.

To confess weakness

Is to own my humanity.

To own my humanity

Is to embrace my need of help.

To embrace my need of help

Means to open the door to God’s

Warehouse of






Hope-giving, and

Motivating grace.


Today I am weak,

But I will boast in my weakness

For when I am weak,

For me, you are strong.


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