Every one

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Today while reading John 9, God stopped me quickly in my tracks. A story I’ve read so many times. A blind man gets his sight back. Blind from birth for one reason: to put on display the power of God through Jesus.

The disciples had more curiosity than compassion (to settle a theological debate). But this man wasn’t about the riddle that perplexed them; he was a sufferer who was relieved of his ailment by the mercy of Jesus. But it wasn’t even about him getting better it seems. Instead, it was for that moment to show God’s power through Jesus. God’s glory for all to see.

I wonder, how many other instances in life can we attribute to this reason. How many other “ailments” bring with it the purpose to demonstrate God’s power through Jesus? How many “messes” in my life right now exist for that same reason — so that God can show me his power?

Not necessarily the power to heal and make all of my problems go away…but the power of sustaining grace that carries his pilgrims into eternity. The power of love as he hears and walks with us. The power of hope that he instills in us through his eternal purposes to bring glory to his name.

And the power to draw a broken heart closer to my tender shepherd.

Every One

Every mark.
Every ailment.
Every weakness.
Every scar.
Every hardship.
Every pain.
Every tear.
Every sickness.
Every cry.
Every mess.

Every one,
For one reason…

To display the power of God,
Through the Son
who suffered, died, and rose again.

Every one.

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